How do I order an E-Flux by Road charge card?

Start charging your car as quickly as possible

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To order an E-Flux by Road charge card you first have to choose between the two options we offer you. You can get the 'Orange' subscription, paying €3,23 per month to use it, or the 'Pay As You Charge' card, paying a one-off fee of €5,00 to receive it and afterwards €0,32 per session. With both options you'll be able to charge your car at at least 500.000 different charging stations in Europe.

As soon as you click the button below, you can choose your subscription, create an account and enter your details. Hit the submit button and you will be redirected to your brand-new E-Flux by Road account. We will ship the card or tag to your address. This can take up to 2 business days, depending on the mail service. During Holidays this can take longer so order in time!

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