What is a CBID and where is it to be found?

Identify your charging station

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Names, codes, abbreviations, we are dealing with a lot of those! That's why we'll explain exactly what a CBID and where you can find it. This way you don't have to remember!

The abbreviation CBID means Charge Box IDentifier and it refers to the code that identifies a charge point. The code is usually manufactured by the distributor or the manufacturer of the charge point.

The CBID is found in the LCD-screen of the charge point. If the charge point doesn't have an LCD-screen or the screen isn't suited to view the code it, is usually placed on a sticker at an easily visible position of the charge point. The CBID is the unique number by which the charger came online on the eMobility Platform. This number is often displayed on the charger point or is the same as the serial number. During configuration on E-Flux by Road, this number is indicated as CBID.

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