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How do I change my billing information?
How do I change my billing information?

So that invoices are paid by the right person

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Within your E-Flux account you'll find bills for your charge card and charge station as well as credit notes.

  1. Go to your E-Flux and log in;

  2. Go to 'My bills' to see an overview of your bills. There are three different kinds of bills:

    • CPO Usage: subscription costs for charge points.

    • MSP Usage: subscription- and user dependent costs for charge cards.

    • CPO Credit: credit notes for the refund of charge point sessions.

  3. Configuring your payment details can be done under your personal details. Click 'Profile & Settings' in the bottom left corner and pick 'Billing' for CPO and MSP invoices and 'Reimbursement Charge Details' for the CPO Credit invoices.

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