How do I change my location?

You can always change settings for your location

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Did you configure your location? Don't worry, you can always switch up your settings!

  1. Go to 'My Locations';

  2. Click on the location and pick 'Actions' and choose 'Edit location'. Over here you can change the settings on the name, address and publication;

  3. Make sure that "publish charge station location" is checked;

  4. Scroll down and view the map. Determine the exact location of the charging station via the map or set the address as entered in the settings.

Is your charging point set to public? Great, your location will be shared through maps of providers, Google and Apple.

Please Note: Want to switch it back to private at a later notice? We can't guarantee that the location will disappear from all maps immediately. The providers will see that the location is prohibited from being shown on maps, but they'll have to configure this by hand.

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