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MultiTankcard and E-Flux
MultiTankcard and E-Flux

Because MTc and E-Flux are a match made in heaven!

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MultiTankcard (MTc) is without a doubt a well known name within professional mobility. With more than 500.000 active cards, MTc is certainly a company to keep an eye on! Because we want to offer our customers as much 'fluxibility' as possible, we work in close collaboration with MTc!

Both the E-Flux charge card and the E-Flux eMobility platform can be connected to your companies MTc account! This way you can manage your entire fleet, both the cars that are powered by fossil fuels and your EV's from one platform!

To add your E-Flux products to your MTc account it is best to contact your designated MTc employee! Find more information on the E-Flux and MTc power-duo please here!

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