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How do I register my charging station?

How do you make sure your charging station is added to your account?

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When your charging station is installed correctly you can continue with the next, most important, step. Namely, registering your charging station in the E-Flux by Road platform!

Note: Are you an employee and got a charging station installed through your employer? You will receive the invite from your employer to complete your account and register the charging station.

Firstly, you'll need to make sure to create an account in the platform.

  1. Go to this link to start creating an account.

  2. Complete the steps to create your account. This includes filling out personal details and billing details.

Secondly, you'll be able to connect the charging station to your account.

  1. In your account, go to 'My Locations' and click on 'New Charging Station'.

  2. Follow the steps showed to you on the screen.

    1. Enter the serial number of your charging station. If you have an EVSE ID sticker, also enter this number. If not, select 'I don't have a sticker' and check the box if you would like to receive such a sticker.

    2. Select the right plan depending on the charging station you're registering (AC or DC).

    3. Add the location information of your charging station.

    4. Select the right settings for visibility and reimbursement of the charging station. For the location you can choose between 'home', 'business' and 'public', depending on your situation.

      1. For 'home' locations you can also choose if you want to receive reimbursement from others using the charging station, want to use it privately and receive reimbursement (e.g. from your employer), or use it privately and receive no reimbursement.

      2. For 'business' locations you can choose for receiving reimbursement, using the charging station privately or allowing everyone to charge for free.

      3. For 'public' locations you can choose to receive reimbursement or let anyone charge for free. Those locations can not be used privately.

  3. Confirm your registration.

  4. Your charging station is now correctly registered and ready to use!

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