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What do I do when the charge point is disconnected?
What do I do when the charge point is disconnected?

Bring the charge point back online

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Your charging station may lose connection to the E-Flux by Road platform. One cause of this may be that the charging station is not receiving internet or that the charger is not powered. Restoring the connection between the E-Flux by Road platform and the charging station can be done in the following way:

Remove power from the charging station for 10 minutes and put it back on. This causes the charging station to reset and search for connection to the platform again. When the charging station is powered up again, you can check the E-Flux by Road dashboard to see if the charger is connected again, by checking the status of your charging station. When the status is 'connected', everything is okay again.

If the above has not helped, please contact our support agents. They will help you further.

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