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Why haven't I received my charge station revenues?
Why haven't I received my charge station revenues?

Know when to expect your money

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We always pay out the revenue from your charging station according to a fixed schedule. The revenue from your charging station is invoiced in the first week of the new month. These invoices have a payment term of 30 days and are thus paid out at the end of the new month. As an example, the reimbursement of the month of January is paid out the last week of February. In this post you can read what to expect from us.

If after this time period you haven't received your reimbursement, be sure to check if you've provided us with your financial information. In case you are unsure how to do this, we explain it here. Log in to the E-Flux Dashboard and click 'Profile & Settings' in the bottom left corner. Move on to 'Reimbursement Charge Sessions'. Now you can add your account number.

Want to be reimbursed for charging sessions at your office? Go to 'My Account' with your corporate admin account and fill out your reimbursement details.

After updating your profile please leave your details in the chat on this page. After receiving your request we will transfer the money to your account ASAP.

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