I purchased my E-Flux charge card via Mountox or LaadpasTop10

How do I log in?

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Since we are blessed with several warm partnerships, there are a few different ways to get a hold of an E-Flux by Road charge card.

Most partners will redirect you to our website so you can create your own E-Flux by Road account, but if you order your charge card through Mountox or LaadpasTop10 we'll go ahead and create an account for you. We'll use the details you extend to our partner to set up your E-Flux by Road account.

If you've chosen either Mountox or LaadpasTop10 and log in for the first time you'll have to follow a slightly different route compared to our customers that enroll on our own website. To log in you can just click 'Forgot Password' and type in the e-mail address you've provided to Mountox or LaadpasTop10. This way you'll receive an e-mail with a link that can be used to set your password for the next time you'll log in!

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