What do I need to settle charging sessions?

An overview of things to keep in mind if you want to settle

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When you have a charging station, it is of course very nice if all financial matters surrounding the charging of your EV are done automatically. Here you can read what things are needed to achieve this.

To make a charging station 'smart' enough to calculate charging sessions, the charging station must be connected to the network. You then need to take out a back office subscription for the charge point. This subscription connects your charging station with an eMobility platform, so that all charging sessions are registered and made transparent.

In order to then be able to settle the charging sessions of your charge card, it must also be provided with a 'provider'. This means that the charge card with which you want to settle must be suitable for public charging. In other words: only when you can charge with a charge card at public charge points is it suitable to charge at your own charge point.

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