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Can I cancel my charge card/charge management via a third party?
Can I cancel my charge card/charge management via a third party?

For when you want to say goodbye to E-Flux

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Although we don't like to see you go, we at E-Flux do not make it unnecessarily difficult to cancel your E-Flux product.

On this page you can cancel your charge card or charge management without any hassle and even change your subscription if it suits you better. Because canceling can be a hassle for some organizations, there are companies on the internet that will take care of this for you for a fee. However, with E-Flux such a detour is not necessary. Our charge card subscriptions can easily be canceled on a monthly basis by clicking the link above. Our charge management subscriptions have a duration of 24 months. After 24 months, these subscriptions can also be canceled monthly.

E-Flux always processes cancellations with the greatest possible care. After all, the wishes and needs of our customers are always our top priority. Cancellations received through third parties are handled with just as much care as cancellations submitted through our website. With E-Flux there are therefore no additional advantages to engaging a third party. It therefore saves time, money and effort to simply pass on your cancellation to us using the form on our website.

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