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How is my data protected?
How is my data protected?

This is how we protect your personal data

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Security is part of our DNA. Our operational management and advisory board has experience in IoT security at large private and public companies. We have annual independent security audits on our platform. Our processes include a lot of automation such as automated security scanning and continuous integration.

We take data security & privacy as our top priority and this includes making sure that we are compliant in privacy-aware jurisdictions (such as Europe’s GDPR, California’s CCPA and Japan’s APPI).

Like many cloud service providers, our data is stored in a secure cloud environment the physical location of which can be different from the jurisdiction of our customers.

Our cloud infrastructure provider (Google Cloud) has an excellent track record of GDPR compliance and commitment. Specific to safeguarding international data transfers, Google Cloud has received a confirmation of compliance from the European Data Protection Authorities. Together with our own processes around safeguarding access to infrastructure and data we are meeting the GDPR requirements set forth in Articles 44-50 of the GDPR.

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