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Where can I change my charge card subscription?
Where can I change my charge card subscription?

From Orange to Pay As You Charge or vice versa

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You can change your charge card subscription at any time. There are two subscription types available:

  • 'Orange' subscription: pay €3,23 per month for your subscription. The remaining cost consists of the monthly charged kWh. Every month these costs are deducted from your account by direct debit or by invoice.

  • 'Orange - pay as you charge' subscription: pay a one-time €5 on your first invoice to receive your charge card, followed by €0,32 per charge session. This means you have no monthly fixed costs, but pay a one-time €0,32 in addition to the provider's regular charging rate with each charging session.

Which subscription is best for you depends on your charging habits. Do you charge your electric car outside your home more than 10 times a month? Then the Orange subscription is best for you.

Are you going to charge more or less often?

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