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How do I recognise the serial number of my charging station?
How do I recognise the serial number of my charging station?

Because you need the serial number to register it

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When you want to register your charging station with the E-Flux by Road eMobility platform, you will be asked for a serial number and you can fill out the EVSE ID if you have one.

The serial number of the charging station is in most cases on a sticker that is already on the charging station. Each brand generally uses its own code in this area. For example, the serial number of an Alfen charger often starts with ACE, but there are also brands where the serial number consists of only digits.

If you can't figure it out, it's best to consult the manual of your charging station. Usually you can easily find where to look here to quickly get the serial number of your charging station.

The EVSE ID can be provided by your installer, leasing company or by E-Flux by Road itself on a loose plasticized sticker and will have a seven digits code on it. If you received it before registration you can use this code. If you didn't receive it, a code will be assigned to your charging station and you can request a sticker to be send so that you can stick it on your charging station.

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