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What does my invoice with charging sessions look like?

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If you use the E-Flux by Road charge card, you will receive a monthly invoice for the charging sessions and for the subscription costs or usage costs of the charge card or charge tag. If you regularly charge your electric car with the E-Flux by Road charge card, our Orange subscription is the cheapest option. Otherwise, it is better to opt for Pay as you Charge.

Invoice example

Below you see a Dutch example of a mobility services invoice. This is different from a so-called reimbursement invoice, which you receive if the energy from your charging station is reimbursed by, for example, your employer.

The invoice shows the type of subscription you have: Orange or Pay a you Charge. And then the costs for the charging sessions are shown. All sessions are listed in the appendices. You can also find this in the E-Flux app and in the dashboard.

On the invoice you will see two different VAT rates. That can change per country.

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