Adding charge cards without knowing the UID

Add charge cards to your access groups without having information about the cards

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If you want to add the cards of EV drivers that do not use the E-Flux card to your access group you might need the UID. You can easily find the UID yourself by following the steps below.

  1. Set the charger on “Free Charging”. You can do this if you go to the specific charger, click ‘Configuration’ and click the gear to allow all kinds of cards to charge. The charger now accepts all RFID tokens;

  2. Start a charging session with the card you want to add to the access group;

  3. Go in your account to ‘My Locations’ and then to ‘My Usage’;

  4. Find your charging session and click “More”,

  5. Select “Add To Access Group” and select your access group;

  6. Do not forget to disable the “Free Charging” settings and add the access group to the charging station by going to ‘My Locations’, click the correct location, go to ‘Configuration’ and click on the gear wheel to add your access group.

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