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How do I import members to my access group?

Add a batch of RFID tokens to your access group

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For access groups of the type ‘RFID cards’ you can import a large batch if you want. How to? Follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your E-Flux by Road account;

  2. Go to ‘My Locations’ and ‘My Access Groups’;

  3. Click the access group you want to import users to and click ‘Import Members’;

  4. Create your import file as showed in the example below. In the column: 'NAME' you fill in the names / descriptions of the RFID Tags. In the column 'UID' you fill in the RFID chip codes.

    Be aware: each line / row belongs together. The name from line two becomes the description of the UID in line 2. Save the file as a .csv file. This is the file type you can import.

  5. Import your .csv file and all tokens are assigned to this access group;

  6. Do not forget to add the access group to the charging station by going to ‘My Locations’, click the correct location, go to ‘Configuration’ and click on the gear wheel to add your access group.

CSV File example:



Reservetag Desk


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