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Add a custom name to your charging station(s) that will be shown on public maps

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Please note: this is an extra functionality, and therefore not currently available to every customer. Please contact your contactperson within E-Flux by Road for more information.

As an owner of charging stations, you can display your name on the location, so that the customer knows it’s your charging station.

How does this work?

There are two options when using the suboperator name:

Custom name on account level

This means that each location in the account shows the same custom name. You can set up this by following these steps:

Custom name on location level

This means that the custom name is set per location. You can set up this custom name by following these steps:

  • Login into the E-Flux by Road dashboard;

  • Go to 'My Locations';

  • Select a location;

  • Edit this location;

  • Set the suboperator field.

Be aware:

  • When a custom name on location level is used, this overrides the custom name that is set on account level.

  • When the account level custom name is updated, and there is a suboperator set on location level, this is NOT overwritten.

  • The custom name is synced to the roaming network.

  • The custom name is visible by location on 'My Locations' view.

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