E-Flux by Road Account Analytics

Get more insight in your charging station and charge card usage

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Please note: this is an extra functionality, and therefore not currently available to every customer. Please contact your contactperson within E-Flux by Road for more information.

Account analytics give you more insight in the usage of your charging stations and charge cards. Account analytics can be found in the E-Flux by Road account under the main menu.

In the upper right corner, you can find a date range button. You can select the date range that is applied to show the analytics.

There are four tabs in this overview

  1. Overview: overview of the number of locations and the sessions that took place on these locations.

  2. Transactions: overview of sessions and the average kWh that is charged on the account.

  3. Financials: revenue that is earned in the account, and how this revenue is built up.

  4. Equipment: insight into hardware that is used, e.g. brands or firmware versions.

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