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Everything you need to know about our name change to Road
Everything you need to know about our name change to Road

Read these FAQs to learn more about Road and what will change for you as a customer

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  1. Why are you changing your name from E-Flux to Road?

    As electric vehicles take off in Europe and across the globe, the need for reliable charging solutions is bigger than ever. Our mission is to make EV charging transactions effortless for charging station owners, drivers and everyone else. As we expand into new countries across Europe and provide new products and services to our customers, we need a new name that better reflects our mission and the unique mobility revolution we are part of. Road is the way forward

  2. What will change for me as a customer?

    Our legal entity will change from E-Flux to Road. This will be updated in all our formal documents such as the General Terms & Conditions. We will also change the name from E-Flux to Road in our bank records. Our new name will also show up in your own bank account statement.

  3. Will the Chamber of Commerce number change?

    The CoC number remains the same.

  4. Can I still use all my E-Flux products?

    Yes, all our products (Charging point Management Platform, charge cards, charge tags and our driver app) will continue to work without disruption.

  5. Does this affect my subscriptions?

    No, your charging station and/or charge card subscriptions will continue to work without disruption

  6. Will there be any changes required to my monthly payment?

    If you pay through automated bank collection, there will be no changes required from you. We will continue to collect the monthly payment under the same bank account number, just with our new name. If you pay through a monthly invoice you will have to use our new name, Road B.V. when you transfer the payment.

  7. When does this go into effect?

    Our new name is in effect from 31 August 2023.

  8. What is Road Private Label?

    As we change our name, we will also offer a new service called Road Private Label, for organisations that are looking for a modular platform to develop their own EV charging proposition. More information about Road Private Label is available at

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