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How can I use private charging at home?

How to set private modus for charging at home

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Private mode is now available for home charging stations. Enabling private mode ensures the charging station is only accessible to you and selected visitors.

In private mode the charging station won’t accept other charging cards or tokens, and it won’t be publicly visible on other charge point maps. Private mode works exclusively with E-Flux by Road charge cards.

How it works:

  • Once you've configured the reimbursement settings, select the option “I want to receive reimbursement and want to use this charge station privately”.

  • After selecting this option, an access group will be created automatically giving you exclusive access.

  • If you wish to include multiple users, you have the option to add them to the created access group with the same tariff.

How to enable private mode for existing locations

  1. Begin by creating an access group for users through this link: My access Groups. Make sure to select "users" as the access group type.

  2. Once the access group is successfully created, add the user to this group.

  3. Next, navigate to an existing location using this link: Location Management.

  4. Within the location settings, find the option for "Configuration."

  5. Turn off the setting "Roaming" .

  6. Finally, add the access group to this location.

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