Idle Fees

Set a idle fee on your charging station

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Please note: this is an extra functionality, and therefore not currently available to every customer. Please contact your contactperson within E-Flux by Road for more information.

What is it?

Tariffs can be set on all connectors of a location. We provide the possibility to set a tariff per kWh, per hour, and per session. Additionally we allow you to configure an idle fee to charge an additional fee if a car is done charging, but remains connected to the charging station. Charging an idle fee will be an incentive for car owners to quickly remove their car;

Who can use idle fees?

Idle fees can be used in BETA for now, and can be set by the charge point operator of the locations. The account admin can configure the tariff settings.

How does this work on our platform?

  1. Select the charging station you would like to update tariffs on;

  2. Select the tab 'configuration' for the location;

  3. Edit settings;

  4. Edit the price settings per connector;

  5. Enable the idle fee and set a fee per minute. Add a wait period in minutes before the idle fee starts applying. Example: EV is fully charged at 18:00h. With a wait time of 30 min. the idle fee will start taking effect at 18:30h.

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