In this guide, we will show you how to install a Wallbox charging station easily and quickly. See below for everything you need.

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Guide Wallbox

Content configuration package


  • Online guide Wallbox

  • Envelope with the QR code for the end customer

Installer requirements

  • Wallbox packaging box

  • Mobiele telefoon with internet

  • Mobiele telefoon with the Wallbox app.

Download the app for IOS or ANDROID

Picture 1

Follow the steps

Step 1: Download the 'Wallbox' app from the appstore or google playstore. Open the app, switch on your bluetooth and create an account (click on the link on the previous page to download the app).

Step 2: Verify your account using the email received from Wallbox and log in. Please note! The e-mail may end up in your spam.

Step 3: Once you see image 1, the pairing process begins, press 'I already have a charger'.

Step 4: Pair the charger with the app using the QR code (it can be found on the charging station) or pair the charger using 'manually add'. Do you choose the QR code? Then the serial number will automatically appear on the screen. Do you choose manual add? Then look up the serial number, which is below the QR code.

Step 5: Enter the serial number and the UID code. The UID can be found on the box of the Wallbox Copper SB.

Step 6: Next, your Wallbox appears on the screen -> press the Wallbox -> wait for it to connect -> once connected, press the cog wheel -> select connectivity -> select WIFI and connect the charger to a network -> click save.

Step 7: Steps in the app. Go to OCPP. Go to URL lists, Select E-Flux. Fill in an OCPP ID (Serial number), no password. Save.

Are you end customer? Call Road (+31 (0)20 76306 20) after about 10 minutes to check if the connection has been made.

Step 8: Register the charging station by scanning the QR code on the "Ready to charge?" envelope or by going to www.e-flux.nl/instructies-account/.

If you still have questions based on the manual or the installation does not succeed, please contact our customer service via the website.

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