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Teltonika Energy / Teltocharge
Teltonika Energy / Teltocharge

On this page you will find the correct instructions for connecting a Teltonika charging station to the E-Flux platform.

Written by Sjoerd Kortekaas
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Guide Teltonika Energy

Step 1. Download the Teltonica Energy app.

The app is necessary to access and manage smart features of your EV charger. Teltonika Energy app is available for download on Google Play and App Store. To download the app scan one of the QR-codes below.

Step 2. Pair Teltocharge with a smart device.

⦁ Enable Bluetooth on your smart device.

⦁ Turn on the Teltonika Energy app.

Press the “Add new device” button. After you press the “Add new device” button, wait until your phone finds a Teltocharge device. Then select an EV charger from the list.

After a few seconds a pairing table will pop up requiring a code to complete the pairing process. Insert the last 6 digits of the security code to pair a phone with the EV charger (see example below).

Step 3. Connect to E-Flux backend.

TeltoCharge can be connected to the Internet in three different ways:

  • WiFi - select your network from the list, insert the password and connect.

  • Mobile – to use cellular data , first of all, you need to insert a nano sim card inside the EV charger and then you can configure settings inside app.

  • Ethernet – plug in your cable and the Internet should start working (if you want to configure settings, turn off the DHCP feature and make the changes).

    ⦁ To connect to E-Flux backend you have to enter this URL address - ws://

    ⦁ Type in your charge point identity (the serial number of your charger)

    ⦁ Enable the OCPP feature

    ⦁ Press “Save”.

Step 4. Restart you charger.

The charging station is now linked to the Road platform!

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