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GO-E charging stations
GO-E charging stations

In this guide, we will show you how to easily and quickly install an GO- Echarging station. See below for everything you need.

Written by Sjoerd Kortekaas
Updated this week

This is a guide that shows how to install E-Flux on your go-e charge point via OCPP.

1. Notes

For installing E-Flux on your charge point, you will need the following things:

  • go-eCharger reset card

This card should be supplied with the charge point. You will need it to read the charge point details.

  • The go-e mobile app

You will also need to install the mobile app on your device: Google Play / App store

Please read the guide until the end and take the last step into account, as it is important for the process of connecting to Road.

2. Connect your device to your charge point

Begin the process by connecting your phone to the charge point. Please note that some devices require you to switch off mobile data and disconnect from any WiFi networks for this to work.

There are two ways to connect to the charge point:

a. Find a hidden QR code and the serial number of your charger. Scan the QR code.

b. Search for the charge point's hotspot manually (in the settings of the device, search for the hotspot that the charge point is emitting. The details are on the reset card).

Hotspot name is "Hotspot SSID" (go-e-######)

Hotspot password is "Hotspot key" (##########)

3. Open the go-e app

  • If you can see the charge point in the app, proceed to configure it.

  • If you do not see your charge point, add it in the app.

4. Connect the charge point to your local WiFi

  • In the bottom of the screen, select the "Internet" tab.

  • Then, select the "WiFi" bar and connect the charge point to your local WiFi.

5. Configure the OCPP settings

  • Open the "Internet" tab and go to "OCPP".

  • Enable OCPP 1.6 with the toggle.

Change the OCPP Server URL to ws://

  • The numbers (#) are the same as the ones in Hotspot SSID.

6. Reboot the charge point

  • Click on the "Internet" tab again and click on "Reboot".

7. Connecting the charge point to your E-Flux account

  • Now you need to add and connect your charge point to your E-Flux account.

  • You can do this through either the E-Flux app or E-Flux Dashboard.

Here is a guide on how to register your charge point in your E-Flux account.

The charging station is now connected to the Road platform!

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