In deze handleiding laten we jou zien hoe je gemakkelijk en snel een EO laadpaal installeert. Zie hieronder alles wat je nodig hebt.

Written by Sjoerd Kortekaas
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Guide EO

Follow these steps:

1. Connect your device to your charge point

Using your mobile device or laptop, search for the charge point’s hotspot. It would follow this format: EO-#######

The password to this hotspot will be the numeric portion of the hotspot name.

2. Open a browser to

Now when connected to the hotspot, open a browser and enter and hit "Enter".

3. Login to the page

Login to the page with these credentials. Please note that the password is the Hostname, which is visible on the login page below.

Login: Installer

Password: numeric portion of the Hostname

4. Edit the CSMS settings

Navigate to the "CSMS" tab on the left side menu.

Change these parameters:

CSMS Server Address: ws://ocpp.e-flux.nl/1.6/e-flux

Charger Identity: leave it as default, otherwise use serial number of the charge point

Offline Authorization is disabled.

Default id Tag mode is disabled.

Default ID Tag: 8 capital F’s - "FFFFFFFF"

RFID is enabled.

Click on "Save".

5. Connect the charge point to the internet

Navigate to the "Network" tab on the left side menu.

In this example, we are connecting the charge point to the internet via WiFi.

Enable WiFi, using the toggle. Here you can either manually enter your WiFi credentials or scan for an available network.

Manually enter credentials

WiFi SSID: *your WiFi name*

WiFi PSK: *your WiFi password*

Scan for an available network

Click on the "Refresh List" button, located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Your WiFi network should appear. Select it and click on "Use as WiFi SSID".

Enter your WiFi password manually.

Click on "Save".

6. Go to the "Admin" tab Navigate to the "Admin" tab in the menu on the left. Click on "Restart" under the SCC client. Then restart the EVSE.

Once the charge point has rebooted, you can continue to connect the charge point to Road.

Please prepare the serial number of the charge point, as you will need it in the next steps.

De laadpaal is nu gekoppeld aan het Road platform!

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