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In this guide, we show you how to install an Elexon charging station easily and quickly. See below for everything you need.

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Guide Elexon

Content configuration package

  • Simcard (optional)


  • Envelope with the QR code for the end customer

Installer requirements

  • USB-cable (supplied with the charging station)

  • Laptop with USB connection

  • Charger must have an Ethernet connection

  • Cpconfigprogram Elexon and E-Flux config file. Please contact [email protected]. After this, we will send the files personally.

Follow the steps

Step 1: Send an email to [email protected] to request the Cpconfigprogram Elexon and E-Flux config file.

Step 2: Connect the laptop to the charger via the USB cable provided.

Step 3: Open the CpConfig program on the laptop once the charger is connected to the laptop. You have received this by email.

Step 4: Once the programme is open, determine which USB port the charger is connected to. Open the device manager and click on 'Ports (COM & LPT)'. Here it says 'USB serial port'. Look which number is behind this and enter it in the programme at the top left under 'serial port'.

Step 5: Copy the settings as shown in the image below. The name of the charging station is the EVSE ID (NL*EFL*EV*XXXXXXX). If you have not received this, you can request it from us by e-mail or telephone. Under the heading 'OCPP SETTINGS' is 'HOST'. Enter '' here. At 'HOST PORT' enter the number 80. The url to be entered is 'ws:// LOADING STATION)'.

Step 6: At the bottom of the page, you have 'settings file' with the 'load' button. When you click 'load', select the E-Flux config file. You have received this by e-mail.

Step 7: When you have completed all the steps, you can click 'write' at the top right of the page under the heading 'settings'.

Step 8: Call E-Flux (+31 (0)20 76306 20) as soon as the charger has restarted, so we can check whether the connection to the eMobility platform has been made. (Please wait a few minutes before calling).

Stap 9: Register the charging station by scanning the QR code on the 'Ready to charge?' envelope. Or go to:

The charging station is now linked to the E-Flux platform!

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