In this guide, we will show you how to install an EVBOX G4 charging station easily and quickly. See below for everything you need.

Written by Sjoerd Kortekaas
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Handleiding EVBOX G4

Content configuration package


  • Online guide EVBOX

  • Envelope with the QR code for the end customer

Installer supplies

  • Mobile phone with internet

  • Download the 'EVBOX' app

Follow the Steps

Step 1: Download the EVBOX connect app.

Step 2: Once the app opens, the screen appears; hello, I'm ready to pair. Click on the 'Start pairing' button.

Step 3: The charge point will start searching for connection.

Step 4: As soon as the connection is established, the charge point appears on the screen and asks for a pairing code. This code can be found in the box provided with the charger.

Step 5: Once the charger is paired using the pairing code, select the 'installation mode' option -> confirm that you want to enable this mode -> enter the pairing code again.

Step 6: Then under back office/ management system, select E-Flux.

Step 7: Click save and restart the charger by removing power from the charger. Then call (+31 (0)20 76306 20) E-Flux after 5 to 10 minutes to check if the connection has been made.

Stap 8: Register the charging station by scanning the QR code on the "Ready to charge?" envelope or by going to https://www.e-flux.io/nl/en/transform-g3-charging-stations/

The charging station is now linked to the Road platform!

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