Charge Amps

In this guide, we will show you how to install a Charge Amps charging station easily and quickly. See everything you need below.

Written by Sjoerd Kortekaas
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ChargeAmps Aura & Halo configuration manual

Important: The Road SIM card does not work in the ChargeAmps charger. Connect the charger via WIFI/LAN or with the included Charge-Amps SIM card.


1. Follow the Charge Amps installation guide and connect the charging station to the internet via WiFi/LAN or Charge-Amps SIM card. User - admin

2. Login to your Charge Amps partner account. No login yet, please check page 22 of the Charge Amps installation manual to create an account.

3. Follow the ''Installation Wizard'' in the partner account and configure the station(s) and possibly the Amp-Guard load balancer.

4. Email the Charge Amps station serial numbers to [email protected] Through ChargeAmps, configure the charger on the Road backend.

5. Ga nu verder naar de bijgeleverde envelop van Road en vervolg de installatie.

6. Now proceed to the envelope provided by Road and continue the installation.

a. The installer scans the QR code on the leaflet to register the charger on the technical portal.

b. The sticker with EVSE ID and QR code can then be stuck on the charger.

The charging station is now linked to the Road platform!

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