In this guide, we will show you how to install an Blitzpower charging station easily and quickly. See everything you need below.

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Configuration of the OCPP Provider

Step 1. Make sure to have a local connection with the charging station via UTP

Step 2.

  • Log in using the following data: Username: operator Password: blitzoperator91500591

Step 3.

  • Click on “Quick setup”

Step 4.

  • Connect the station to the Internet (see image below)

You can do this one of the two ways:


I) Click on “DHCP”;

II) The IP address and the subnet mask will fill be filled in automatically;

III) Enter the Gateway. You do this by copying your IP address and replacing the last number of it with a 1. For example: If your IP address is, delete “36” and write “1” instead. Your Gateway should then be -



Enter SIM card details:

I) Sim Pin – leave this field empty;

II) APN – enter –;

III) Save the changes.

Step 5.

  • Indicate which charge points do you want to connect to the OCPP or click on “Configure All”

Step 6.

  • Choose E-Flux as the OCPP provider

Step 7.

  • Click “Save”

The charging station is now linked to the Road platform!

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