In this guide, we will show you how to install an Alfen charging station easily and quickly. See everything you need below

Written by Sjoerd Kortekaas
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Guide Alfen

Content configuration package

  • Simcard


  • Online guide Alfen NG

  • Envelope with the QR code for the end customer

Installer supplies

  • UTP cable

  • Online guide charing station Alfen NG

  • Windows laptop with UTP connection running the following programmes:

  1. ACE Service installer, download here

  2. Anydesk, download here

Follow the steps

Step 1: Make sure a configuration pack has been ordered from Road with a SIM card and EVSE ID if an Road SIM card is not already inserted in the charging station.

Step 2: Grab your laptop and download the ace service installer (NG). To do this, go to the Alfen website -> Charging stations EV -> Service installer Setup 3.5.3 (for NG platform).

Step 3: Login with the following data: Username: radomskiR Password: fazUv6

Step 4: Connect your charging station to your laptop by connecting the UTP cable.

Step 5: Once you are logged in, select the relevant charging station on the left.

Step 6: Once you have clicked on the charging station in question, you will be asked for a password. This password can be found on the flyer included in the box of the charger.

Step 7: Select the charging station icon (the 6th in the row).

Step 8: Under back office preset, click on E-Flux Platform (in addition, under connect method, click on 'mobile' and under protocol on 'OCPP 1.6').

Step 9: Click on save.

Step 10: Click the reboot button above the Alfen logo (see image).

Are you the end customer? Do the following: Once the reboot is complete, call Road (+31 (0)20 76306 20) to verify that the connection to the eMobility platform has been made. (Wait a few minutes before calling).

Step 11: Register the charging station by scanning the QR code on the 'Ready to charge?' envelope. Or go to:

The charging station is now linked to the Road platform!

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