On this page you will find the steps to connect a Ratio charger to the E-Flux by Road platform.

Written by Sjoerd Kortekaas
Updated this week

Step 1: Connect the charger to the Ratio EV Charging app

Make sure the charger is connected to your mobile phone with Bluetooth. Go to "Settings" and then to "Advanced settings" in the Ratio EV Charging app. Click on the "OCPP settings" button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Choose E-Flux by Road as backoffice provider

Click on 'Open Charge Point provider' and then choose the provider 'E- Flux'. Under OCPP settings you will now see the Charge Point ID of the charger. This Charge Point ID can be easily copied and must be used to register the charger on the E- Flux by Road portal.

Step 3: Call E-Flux by Road to verify the connection

Are you the charge point owner? Do the following: Once the connection is complete, call E-Flux by Road (085-0185243) to verify that the connection to the eMobility platform has been made. (Wait a few minutes before calling).

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