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Prodrive Peblar
Prodrive Peblar

On this page you will find the steps to connect a Peblar charger to the E-Flux backoffice platform.

Written by Sjoerd Kortekaas
Updated this week

Installer requirements

  • Nano-SIM E-Flux by Road (delivered by E-Flux by Road)

  • Mobile phone or laptop

  • Peblar quick start guide hard-copy

  • Peblar full manual (can be found online)

Step 1: Connect your phone or laptop to the hostname of the charger

You can directly scan the QR code on the left side of the commissioning label with your phone or connect to the hostname (first row on the label) and insert the WLAN password (second row on the label).

The log-in settings are found on the quick start guide located in the packaging of the Peblar charger, located on position (1) shown in the figure below.

Step 2: Go to the Peblar Config page

Go to the config page URL of the Peblar charger in your web browser. This URL is located on the third row of the commissioning label. The laptop or phone should show the screen below.

Step 3: Configure the WLAN settings

Configure the WLAN settings in the web interface by selecting your home network and entering your credentials of this network. A network connection is required to connect the charger to the E-Flux by Road backend.

Step 4: Configure the installation settings

Configure the current limit, connected phases and load balancing based on the electrical installation and press ‘Next’ afterwards.

Step 5: Connect the charger to the E-Flux backoffice URL

Select ‘Managed’ in the authorization tab. Then, select E-Flux by Road from the drop-down menu.

Select save and press next.

Step 6: Finish the configuration

FInish the configuration and reboot the charger.

Step 7: Call E-Flux by Road to verify the connection

Are you the end customer? Do the following: Once the connection is complete, call Road by Road (085-0185243) to verify that the connection to the E-Flux by Road platform has been made. (Wait a few minutes before calling).

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