On this page you will find the steps to connect a Hager charger to the E-Flux backoffice platform.

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Step 1: Activate RFID hotspot badge

When the charger is installed, power up the charger. Activate RFID hotspot badge. See the Witty Share installation manual.

Step 2: Activate WIFI hotspot and connect your smartphone or laptop

Activate the Wifi hotspot with the RFID wifi hotspot badge, connect your tablet or smartphone and logon to the charging station. Or Connect the charger to your laptop by connecting a UTP cable. If you use a UTP cable, you can connect your device to the hostname address of the charger: https://hager-evcs-.......... (last 6 digits of the UID) (see sticker on the charger) or by using the following IP address:

Step 3: Log in to the charging station

Login with the following data:

  • Username: admin

  • Password: 1234

Step 4: Connect the charger to the E-Flux by Road backoffice URL

  • Fill out the CPO connection address; ws://……………………………

  • Fill out the unique Charge Point ID supplied by E-flux by Road

Step 5: Reboot the charging station

Restart the services on the Witty Share.

Step 7: Call E-Flux to verify the connection

Are you the end customer? Do the following: Once the connection is complete, call E-Flux by Road (085-0185243) to verify that the connection to E-Flux by Road has been made. (Wait a few minutes before calling).

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