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Manual: Rolec

On this page you will find the steps to connect the Rolec Zura charger to the E-Flux by Road platform.

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Configuration Requirements

  • Configuration package E-Flux by Road

    • Contains: Sim card (optional), EVSE ID, configuration manual for the installer and registration manual for the owner of the charging station

  • Rolec EV Connect app

  • Configuration device: A smart phone with a camera, QR code reader software, Bluetooth and internet connectivity

Follow the steps:

Step 1: Make sure the chargepoint installation is completed safely according to the Rolec Zura Installation manual.

Step 2: Download the Rolec EV Connect app from the Apple or Google app store. You can do this by scanning the QR code on the Configuration Tag (see picture below), or by entering “” into a web browser.

Note: Make sure to keep the configuration tag, the small QR code label on the back of the tag will be needed later in the process. If the Configuration Tag is missing, there is a copy of the small QR code attached to the communications module, inside the charge point enclosure.

Step 3: Apply electrical power to the charge point and allow it to start up. The LED indicator on the charge point will flash BLUE when the chargepoint is ready.

Step 4: Open the Rolec EV Connect application on your phone and tap on the Owner icon. The camera will open, and you will be requested to scan the charge point ID QR code (originally on the Configuration Tag).

Step 5: After scanning the QR code you will be able to connect to the charge point using Bluetooth.

Step 6: Tap the CONNECT button. After a few seconds the connection process will be complete, and the Configuration screen will be displayed.


Step 7: Enter the appropriate details into each of the fields of the form and fill in the following endpoint URL:



Note: Do NOT change the Charge Point ID. Changing the ID will remove connectivity to the charge point.

Step 8: When you reach the end of the form, tap the SET button to save the entries to the system.

Step 9: On the next screen, tap the CLOSE button to end the EV Connect configuration.

If you are the installer of the charging station, go to Step 10. If you are the owner of the charging station, go to step 11.

Step 10: Complete the following steps to activate the station on the E-Flux by Road platform:

  1. Login to your Field Service Account or create a Field Service Account via*.

  2. Go to “Setup New EVSE” in the menu on the left and enter the serial number or OCPP ID of the station.

  3. Click on “Setup charging station”.

  4. Click on Upload Configuration, then click Next.

  5. Choose and define the connector type, and choose “Save Connector Configuration”.

  6. The charging station is now activated and ready to be registered by the owner!

*A Field Service Account is for installers only and will be used as a point of contact for technical tickets.

Step 11: Complete the following steps to register the station on the E-Flux by Road platform:

  1. Ask your installer to complete Step 10 to finish the configuration of your charger, or call E-Flux by Road to finish the configuration.

  2. Create an E-Flux by Road account by going to

    • Is this charging station facilitated by your employer? Check your email for the invitation.

  3. Follow the steps to add the location and register your charging station.

  4. Put the sticker with the QR code on the charging station so it’s easier to identify the station if you need support.

  5. The charging station is now registered and ready to be used!

The charging station is now connected to the E-Flux by Road platform!

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