How can users pay at my charging station?

Discover how the users of your charging station can pay for their session

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When you own a public charging station you obviously want to offer the best service to your users. That is why we support you with a range of payment options. Learn all about it in this article.

Payment terminals

What payment terminals does E-Flux by Road support?

We support the following payment terminals:

  • IM30

  • Payter Apollo

  • Payter P66

  • Worldline Valina

  • OPM-C60

Which payment cards does Road support?

Visa, Mastercard, VPay/Visa debit, Maestro/Mastercard debit, Girocard.

How can I activate a payment terminal and transaction services?

Please fill out this form when you want to activate your payment terminal and use our full transaction services. There is no KYC procedure so onboarding time is quick.

What do I need to do when the payment terminal is not working?

If the payment terminal is not working, please contact the vendor you bought your terminal/charger with. In case payments are failing or you have a question about transactions please contact our support.

What if I have a payment terminal I want to activate that is not in the list?

Please contact your Customer Succes Manager. If the volume is high enough we can decide to add it to our road map of payment integrations.

QR code payments

How can I enable QR code payments on my public charging stations?

From April 13, 2024 on all QR codes on public chargers will automatically redirect to the new Scan and Pay landing page. You don't have to activate this separately.

What are the costs for an ad hoc session?

For each session paid with a payment terminal or QR code we charge a fee. These costs consist of 0.15 per session and 3.5% over the entire session amount (excluding VAT). These transaction costs are charged to the charging station owner.*

What are the costs for ad hoc payments?

Each session, 3.5% of the total transaction + €0.15 per transaction (excl. VAT) fee is charged to the charge point owner each time an EV driver uses a credit or debit card in the Scan to Pay solution.

Where can I display tariffs when my charger has no screen?

The QR Code on the station will automatically redirect to a page with the actual tariffs.


Who pays for the transaction fee?

The owner of the charge station pays for the costs that are related to the transaction processing. On your monthly CPO invoice there will be a row with transaction fees.

How do I receive the funds for ad hoc payments?

The funds for the ad hoc payments will be added to the total reimbursement amount we transfer to your bank account every month.


What is AFIR?

The Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) is an European wide legislation that describes regulation around public chargers.

For whom is the AFIR applicable?

The AFIR is applicable for public chargers that will be installed from 13 of April 2024 onward.

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