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Terms and conditions
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Why are the terms & conditions being updated?

We are dedicated to continually improving our eMobility platform to support the future of electric charging infrastructure. Our mission is to provide you with the best experience possible, while maintaining complete transparency and legal compliance.

In light of the ever-evolving regulatory EV landscape, we have recently made important changes to our terms. These include updates to reflect new features and improvements, and the introduction of clauses that further clarify the responsibilities and protection for both parties.

We encourage you to review them here.

Will these changes affect the way I can use E-Flux by Road services?

No, you can continue using E-Flux by Road products as you normally would.

What are the main changes?

We recommend you to read the updated terms and conditions in full. Here are some of the key changes summarised:
New terms related to the ad hoc payment solution we offer.

  • Clearer start date of your agreement with us.

  • To provide the best user experience, we commit to strive for a 99.9% uptime of our platform.

  • To prevent the misuse of our charging solutions, we reserve our right to suspend the delivery of our services in case of a (suspected) fraudulent activity.

  • Addition of an indemnification clause to clarify responsibilities and protection for both parties.

  • Clear responsibilities for the exploitation of public charge points, such as transparent and fair pricing.

  • The terms contain a clear overview of the pricing scheme for our services.

  • Update of payment terms to five days, if no other term is specified on the invoice or agreed separately with the customer.

  • If you suspect that your invoice contains incorrect data, you will have 21 days to notify us about it.

  • Update of the limitations of our liability towards you.

  • The request for you to notify us within 48 hours if you become aware of any (suspected) data breach.

  • If you are a consumer and purchase our charge point management services, your contract is subject to an initial contractual term of one year before it turns to an indefinite contract with a cancellation period of 30 calendar days.

Where can I read the entire document?

You can find the revised T&Cs here.

When will the updated T&Cs take effect?

Immediately for new customers. For existing customers the updated T&Cs will take effect on 1 August, 2024

How do I accept the new terms?

You are not required to take any action, and you can continue to use E-Flux by Road services as usual.

What if I have a separate agreement with E-Flux by Road stating additional terms or exemptions to the Terms & Conditions?

Any other agreement you have with E-Flux by Road is still valid, and takes priority over the current and revised version of our Terms & Conditions.

Are there any changes to the pricing of E-Flux by Road services?

The changes we made to our terms are unrelated to any price changes for E-Flux by Road services.

Are there any changes to the duration of my subscription?

For business and legal entities, the new terms do not impact the duration of your subscription or the length of your agreement with us.

If you are a consumer, your charge point management agreement will have an initial term of 1 year. After that, the agreement will transition to an indefinite term. There is a 30-day notice period before the end of the initial 1-year term. After the initial term, you can cancel at the end of any calendar month with a 30-day notice period.

Why can E-Flux by Road change the terms & conditions?

Our current Terms and Conditions state that we can make modifications to them.

What if I have other questions?
If you have any questions, our support team is happy to help! You can contact us via, or email us at [email protected].

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