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How can I cancel my charging station subscription?
How can I cancel my charging station subscription?

Cancel your charging station subscription easily when you need to

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You can easily cancel your charging station subscription. Please click below button and we well cancel your subscription within a few business days. You'll receive a confirmation when the cancellation is finished.

Be aware!

Our eMobility platform subscriptions for charging stations have a minimum duration of 24 months. Please check the terms and conditions of your plan. If you cancel the subscription during the mandatory term, you'll have to pay for the remaining months.

Cancel your subscription via a third party:

Because canceling can be a hassle for some organisations, there are companies on the internet that will take care of this for you for a fee. However, with E-Flux such a detour is not necessary. Our charge card subscriptions can easily be canceled on a monthly basis by clicking the button above. E-Flux always processes cancellations with the greatest possible care. After all, the wishes and needs of our customers are always our top priority. Cancellations received through third parties are handled with just as much care as cancellations submitted through our website.

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