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What are the costs of charging with an E-Flux by Road charge card?
What are the costs of charging with an E-Flux by Road charge card?

The costs of a charge card and charging your car publicly

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You own an electric vehicle and now you have to charge it, but what are the costs that come with that? The costs consist of two elements:

  • Costs of a charge card.

  • Costs per charging session, set by the charging station owner.

Below we explain what the costs are.

Costs of a charge card

At E-Flux by Road you're able to choose between two types of charge cards:

  • When you pick our 'Orange' subscription, you pay E-Flux a monthly fee of €3,23. The other costs consist of the number of kWh's charged that month. Payments will be debited directly from your account or by invoice every month.

  • When you pick our 'Orange - pay as you charge' subscription, your first bill will contain a one time contribution of €5,-, but other than this you'll only pay €0,32 per charging session. This means that you don't have any fixed monthly costs, but you'll pay E-Flux a one time €0,32 fee for each charging session on top of the regular charging rate of the operator.

    If you add this card to an access group to charge for free, you do not pay a starting fee.

Costs per charging session

Each charging station owner can set a number of rates at the charging station: a rate per kWh, a rate per hour and/or a starting rate. You will always pay for the kWh charged, but sometimes on top of that you will thus also pay for each hour you are connected to the charging station and/or for starting a charging session. All these costs are passed on one-to-one by E-Flux by Road to the charge card user.

Your invoice will therefore show both the cost of your charge card (€3.23 per month or €0.32 per session) and the cost of the charging sessions carried out in a specific month. Want to know more about what an invoice at E-Flux by Road looks like? Read it here.

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