How do I request the logfiles?

Understanding the diagnostics of a charge point

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This is how you retrieve the log files:

  1. Click on 'Diagnostics';

  2. Then select the 'Request Diagnostics' button;

  3. A command has now been sent to request the log files.

Want to know the status of your request?

  1. Click on 'Commands';

  2. Here you will be notified of the status of the log files by 'DiagnosticsStatusNotification';

  3. Filter on "DiagnosticsStatusNotificiation" (to know more about filtering, see FAQ on filtering commands). There are three kinds of status notifications:

    • Uploading

    • Uploaded

    • Upload Failed

  4. Once the file has been uploaded you can download it under the 'Diagnostics' tab in the 'Device Diagnostics' section.

The diagnostics will be uploaded to the platform as a binary file. You can change the filename to the manufacturer-prescribed format or view the logfiles along with the manufacturers technical support department.

If you want diagnostics of a specific time, you can find how to do this in the following FAQ.

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