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How do I examine a charge point or an error?
How do I examine a charge point or an error?

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Charge point readout can be useful when your charging station is not functioning correctly. You then obviously want to know what is going on. Below you can read how or what.

Follow these steps to read out a charge point and/or error message:

  1. Go to 'Commands';

  2. Filter to "StatusNotifications". These are charge point notifications that provide information on the connector.

    • Connector ID 0 = the charge point itself

    • Connector ID 1 = Connector 1

    • Connector ID 2 = Connector 2

  3. This status notification is the current status of the charge point. In case of a 'Faulted' status, the charge point will send additional information in the 'Info' tab. With this information, you can contact the manufacturer to determine what causes the 'Faulted' message and what action you should take. Consult the manufacturer manual if need be.

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