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How do I pay for my parking fee while charging?
How do I pay for my parking fee while charging?

You also pay for parking with an electric car, but how?

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Congratulations! You've opted for an electric car and can now use the nicely situated parking spaces near the front of the lot! The only remaining question is: How do you pay for parking?

Most places have excellent ways to arrange their parking. Often times your parking fee is billed as an add on to your charging fee. This may mean that your parking fee is €1,- an hour, while your charging fee is 0,35 per kWh. Say you park your EV for 5 hours and charge 10 kWh in that amount of time. In this case your E-Flux account gets charged €8,50 if you've chosen our Orange subscription (€2,95 per month for unlimited charging) or €8,79 if you've chosen our Pay as you Charge subscription (€0,29 per charging session with no added charges). E-Flux will always bill the exact amount with no added fees, so it won't cost an arm and a leg.

In other cases you'll just pay for your parking using the trusted parking meter. Always check the charge point before scanning your charge card. This way, you'll know how to proceed.

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