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How can I check if a charging station is online and get it ready for registration for my customer?
How can I check if a charging station is online and get it ready for registration for my customer?

Take as much out of your customer's hands as possible

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Checking if a charging station is online and getting it ready for registration for your customer becomes even easier for installers with E-Flux by Road's handy maintenance dashboard.

Just follow the next steps:

  1. Log in to your E- Flux by Road account;

  2. Go to 'Setup New EVSE' and ensure the charge point is connected to the energy grid;

  3. Fill in the serial number or OCPP ID to retrieve the charging station;

  4. Once the charging station has been retrieved, select "Setup Charge Station"

  5. Click on 'fix all'. The platform will now automatically set all settings correctly;

  6. Select the correct sockets;

    Please note: Socket 1 is always the left socket, Socket 2 is the socket next to it. If there is a third socket, it is the rightmost socket.

  7. For AC Sockets, always enter 230 volts and depending on the maximum amperage of the charging station, enter the amperage.
    For DC Sockets you fill in the voltage and amperage depending on the following method: go to this tool and fill in the maximum power in kWh. Also fill in the maximum Voltage of the DC charger (for example 800 or 400 volts). The tool indicates how many amps you need to fill in.

    *Please note: use the tool only to fill in the correct voltage and amperage for DC chargers. Don't know what the Voltage is? Ask the installer / manufacturer. Do you really not know? Fill in 400. This tool is not manufactured by E-Flux by Road and we're thus not responsible for any issues.

  8. Click 'Confirm'. The charging station is added to your Maintenance Dashboard and the customer can register the charger.

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