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How do you stick EVSE IDs on Master/Slave charging squares?
How do you stick EVSE IDs on Master/Slave charging squares?

So that your charging stations are well matched!

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E-Flux assigns one EVSE ID per Charge Box Identity (Master). EV-Box charge points often have more than 2 connectors on one Charge Box Identity. As a result, you also have one EVSE ID with multiple connector numbers.

For example, your EVSE ID looks like this: "1234123". Each socket is assigned this number with a unique number as an indicator of the corresponding connector, these are for example the numbers below:

  • 1234123*C1

  • 1234123*C2

  • 1234123*C3

  • 1234123*C4

  • 1234123*C5

  • 1234123*C6

Now you're probably wondering how you determine what connector ID 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 is? You can determine this by looking at the configuration of the charger. In the configuration of the charger, look for the following configuration key: "evb_ConnectorListOrder". Here you will find an overview in which first the connector ID is indicated and then directly behind it the corresponding serial number of the connector. This connector number can often be found under the connector cover.


The evb_ConnectorListOrder = 1.20351782,2.20481796,3.20251665,4.20251670,5.20481797,6.20251709

Then the order for pasting the stickers is as follows:

  • 1234123*C1 = 20351782

  • 1234123*C2 = 20481796

  • 1234123*C3 = 20251665

  • 1234123*C4 = 20251670

  • 1234123*C5 = 20481797

  • 1234123*C6 = 20251709

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