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How can I take the charger out of service?
How can I take the charger out of service?

Make the charger unavailable remotely

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In some cases, it is wise to take a charger out of service, for example when the charger was damaged or if it is unsafe to charge.

Follow the steps below to take the charger out of or put it back into service:

  1. Click on the charger in the dashboard;

  2. Go to 'Commands';

  3. Click on 'Execute Command';

  4. Select ''ChangeAvailability'';

  5. Select the connector type:

    • 0 = the entire charging station

    • 1 = connector 1

    • 2 = connector 2

  6. Select "Inoperative" / "Operative".

Please note that the charger can only be used when the charger is put back into operation.

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