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Configure the charging station
E-Flux by Road Platform Configuration settings
E-Flux by Road Platform Configuration settings

Configuration settings to configure a charging station against our eMobility platform.

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This instruction has been made available to our installation partners who actively work with E-Flux and who also have access to our platform. Unauthorised use of these settings can damage the charging station and can cause high costs. E-Flux by Road cannot guarantee any liability for unauthorised or incorrect use.

Communication protocol

Connection methods

  • GPRS

  • WIFI

  • LAN

Production platform (customer environment)

Back office URL: ws://

Staging platform (for testing)

Back office URL: ws://

E-Flux SIM card

If you use an E-Flux SIM card issued after March 2021, you use the following data:

  • APN Name =

  • APN User Name = 'Leave blank'

  • APN Pass Word = 'Blank'

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