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What are roaming costs?

What is roaming and how exactly does it work?

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What is EV-roaming?

Roaming offers an electric-vehicle driver the ability to use various charging stations, even if the EV-driver is a customer to solely one serviceprovider (e.g. E-Flux by Road). Roaming networks allow access to thousands of charging stations around the world. EV-drivers are provided a consistent, and problem-free charge experience, no matter where they go.

Roaming costs influx explained

Everything, but namely electricity is getting more and more expensive. Nobody likes this, but sadly; there's nothing we can do. We are experiencing obstacles in doing business due to the influx in energy costs. Furthermore, our interest has been raised. Because of the raised interest, the funding of the cashflow has gotten more expensive, and the debtor risks have gotten bigger. With the consequence that the prices of our insurances have gotten higher as well. Therefor E-Flux by Road is forced to up the roaming-fees. The roaming prices are being raised from 2 eurocent per kWh to 3 eurocent per kWh starting October 1st, 2022.

On which customers will this have an influence?

E-Flux by Road charge-card customers; not to worry! This influx will only be of influence to users who use a charge-card or -tag from a different party than E-Flux by Road. This influx also solely applies to transaction costs of charging-points that are connected to the E-Flux by Road platform. Have you, for example, an agreement with your employer regarding a compensation of the costs of the E-Flux by Road charging station, then this influx does not apply to you. People who own a public charging station also do not need to fret! E-Flux by Road is still remarkably cheaper as opposed to its competitors; who charge roughly 5 eurocent roaming fees per kWh. A great reason to use E-Flux by Road's service!

Calculation example:

For example: you charge 25 kWh for a price of 37 eurocent per kWh + roaming costs. At the end of the ride, you will be met with a rate of:

  • Electricity: 25 kWh * EUR 0,37 per kWh = EUR 9,25 excl. btw

  • Roaming costs: 25 kWh * EUR 0,03 per kWh = EUR 0,75 excl. btw

  • Total: EUR 10,- excl. btw

When I signed my contract we settled on a roaming fee of 2 eurocent per kWh, can you change this just like that?

We are informing you timely about this influx. Of course, price raises are never fun. Sadly, we still have no other choice, as our costs are being raised as well.

I own charging cards from a different supplier on our access-group; will I pay roaming fees?

In this case the users do not pay for charging sessions, because it's set to free charging. You will not pay roaming fees either.

Do you want to charge at E-Flux charging stations without roaming charges?

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