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Collaborating with E-Flux by Road as an installer
Collaborating with E-Flux by Road as an installer

What does the process looks like?

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You have probably just applied to work with us as an installer. Our colleagues will contact you within 2-3 business days. The process is as follows:

Step I - Application: Working with E-Flux by Road begins with an application and providing your contact information. This can be done via the 'I want to collaborate' button on the dedicated installer webpage.

Step II - Introduction: Within 2-3 business days, you will be contacted by us and an introduction will be scheduled.

Step III - Data: After the meeting, you fill out a short form with data we need for your E-Flux by Road installers account. We check the data and create an account for you.

Step IV - Sign in: You will receive the account details for the E-Flux by Road portal with associated documents within a few days.

Step V - Congratulations: Congratulations you are a partner of E-Flux by Road and can log in!

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