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How can I invite my customer to set up their account?
How can I invite my customer to set up their account?

After configuring the charging station, let your customer set up their account to manage their charging station

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When you're installing a charging station for your customer and configure it to the E-Flux by Road platform, you might want to invite your customer to set up their E-Flux by Road account so that they can connect and manage their (recently installed) charging station. Below we explain the steps to invite your customer easily.

  1. Configure the charging station via the E-Flux by Road platform;

  2. In the last step (3/3) you can leave the email address, name and preferred language of your customer.

  3. Your customer will receive an email from E-Flux by Road inviting them to set up their account.

Note: please make sure you have your customer's consent to share their details with us.

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