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Configure the charging station
Preparations for technical support from Road
Preparations for technical support from Road

How to prepare for technical assistance

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  • Installer program
    Make sure to download the software tool to enter the charging stations webinterface.

    • ACE Service Installer - Alfen - Before the service takes place the installer must download the ACE Service Installer from Alfen. You can download the Service Installer on the following page: Downloads | Alfen N.V.. Once the Service Installer has been downloaded, you can log in to the charging station with the default password of that specific charger.

  • License Key - Alfen
    It is also important that the right license key has been purchased via the Alfen Portaal. This license key is required to be able to activate load balancing, create a Smart Charging Network or change other configuration keys.

  • Anydesk
    Another program that the installer must download before the service takes place is Anydesk. With this program, we are able to take over the laptop of the installer in order to make the necessary changes. Other programs that can be used are TeamViewer or Quick Assist, but our preference goes to Anydesk.

  • Configuration device
    All of the programs above must be downloaded on a Configuration device (laptop) equipped with a Windows operating system. Once the installer is on site, the laptop needs to be connected to an Open Internet connection in order to reach the Alfen servers.

  • UTP cable
    The installer must bring a UTP cable which he can connect his laptop to a charging station or switch. The communication cable must have RJ45 plugs.

  • Deactivate firewall - (Only relevant for Alfen)
    Any firewalls or network protection settings on the laptop or on the network that could potentially block the rights to make changes in the Service Installer, must be deactivated by the installer or domain administrator before the service takes place.

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